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All about Beauty Joy 

Hello Everyone,

My name is Beauty Joy (and yes Beauty Joy is on my Birth Certificate, its not a stage name.)

My Story;

I was born and raised in the Philippines in General Santos City on the island of Mindanao. As a very young 4 year old child, both of my parents worked in Tuna Packing plants. When I was not in church school, I was required to stay home and bolt the door shut. As an only child my entertainment was playing with paper dolls and singing videoke (karaoke in the USA.)

When I was 12 years old, I was sent away to live at a private church school on the side of a volcano mountain, Mount Matutum . My middle schools years were much more exciting as I was able to interact with other people and have friends outside the home. Getting up at 5 am to do exercise and prayer, taking cold showers and doing my own laundry by hand was fun times before school started. We did not have electricity so when it became dark, we went to bed.

When I was 15 I got to come back home and go to public school. My final year of high school was exciting and nerve racking at the same time because I had never been in public school before. I Graduated High School at the age of 16 on the Honor Roll. Like all good Filipina, I promptly went into Nursing School. For 3 1/2 years I studied and worked my little tail off to gain my Bachelors Degree in Nursing. When it came to my clinical s in the hospital, I only had 6 months left to graduate.. I gave shots, medicines to patients, took care of 30 patients at one time, and then my parents could no longer afford to pay for me to finish school because the Hospital would charge us to work there in our clinical trials..

I was so mad I was 19 years old and ran away from home with my closest girl friend to the furthest place I could think of. A small island called Balut Island, the most southern island of all the Philippines. There was no running water, no power and we had fun washing our clothes in the river and singing around the camp fire at night. But we needed food, so every morning at 5 am we got up and went down to dig for worms, then by 7 am we were in a row boat in the ocean fishing with a drop line. When we had enough fish for the day (about 5 hours of fishing) we would go back to our village and pick from our little garden and make food for the day over an open fire. Life was good.

We had a visitor for a weekend and he heard me sing at night. He said if I came back to my home town of General Santos City he could give me a job singing with several bands at night. So after living on the island and gathering my own food for a year and a half, I moved back to my city.

I sang in small clubs and festivals at night and was a baby sitter during the day. Life was good, here I am about to turn 21 and I made almost $40 a week! This lasted for about 6 months and then in 2007 I was given an invitation to come to the USA... Florida? its a state in America? I thought to my self and I took the opportunity and came to the States.. I arrived on April 2nd 2008. Since then I have worked and studied. I now own a Retail Store in Orlando and attend college where I changed my major from nursing to Business and Communications and was honored with being on the Deans List.

But this is not the end of my story.

My Modeling History;

A very close friend of mine keep't telling me I should be a model ever since I arrived in the USA in 2008. I believed in my education and my brain, but there is no way I could be a model.. Those girls are so tall, so attractive, so above me.. Then after 6 years, my best friend here in the USA brought me to a Hot Import Nights show in Orlando, December 27th 2014. As a spectator, I was introduced to the stage manager, who went to get the owner of HIN. They had a conversation with me and asked me to join the all of the models on stage. I was not a model, but what the heck, I could join them on stage. The photographers and audience were so appreciative of me, they kept walking up to me asking me for my information, Facebook, phone number... ect. Well I gave everyone my family Facebook account info and my page started getting hundreds of friend requests. I thought, WOW maybe I can be a model, maybe I can do this!

On January 2nd 2015 I started a modeling Facebook page.

In 28 days I had over 5000 friend requests. Before the end of February, I was contacted by someone in email from Facebook saying I had to start a public figure page,

which now has over 30,000 Likes/Followers.

In February, my friend found out there was another car show in Tampa called NOPI. I sent them an email with my pictures. I got an email back requesting I would join the NOPI CHIC team in Tampa. Since that great opportunity I have been traveling the USA with NOPI as an official NOPI CHIC. Not only am I now a NOPI CHIC, but I am the top sales CHIC at all the NOPI events since I started. I did a couple small photo shoots and then entered my pictures into a contest and I won Miss April 2015 for The International Bikini Model Search. I won a free trip down to the Dominican Republic for a 7 day photo shoot, what a great experience.

In the short 15 months I have been modeling, I have been published in the following,

International Bikini Model Search, Miss April 2015

Fashion World Magazine

Push Models

Girl Next Door … y-joy.html

Emerald Girls

Diamond Elite Models,!slideshow/cke2

Bikini Magazine, Featured Model

Bikini-USA Featured Model

Bullz-Eye online magazine.

ECS Magazine

Vanquish Magazine IBMS Special Edition September 2015

Vizual Magazine
CFM Magazine

Ravish Model Magazine

Divulge Magazine

My Stats,

4' 10 1/2" tall

87 lb




Dress size XS, or 00.

Brown Hair, Brown Eyes, (but I love wearing my blue contacts.)

Blessings to all of you..

Beauty Joy

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